If You’re Nice When You’re Young, You’ll Be Nice When You’re Old, and Vice Versa

IMG_4950Carol Channing …on aging
“You’re either you or you’re not and I think you’re the same at any age.”

Not Doing Much? You’re Probably Wrong.

A friend gave me this five year journal and I entered daily news consistently…for a while.Then, being human, I forgot about it until I found it the other day. I began to enter “the second year” events and found it so much fun to read what I was doing on that date last year. When we enter the occurrences of our days, it prompts one to have a life. Speak to people, go places, say yes when invited. Invite others.
How alive do we really want to be, anyway?

Ask Yourself -What Did I Learn – Just Now?


If we are present in the company of our lives, meaning we are listening and thinking about what is happening, there will be times when we must capture what we’ve learned. Our memories are superb, but they fade, so we must help them. Capture what you’ve learned in a journal, a book inscription, a piece of art, writing or some other permanent place. This is a gift you give yourself that propels you in the direction you’re trying to go.

You Lose Yourself In A Wonderful Place.

You Lose Yourself In A Wonderful Place
“Everyone should have such a place, even if it’s just a cafe, a bench or a spot of grass, a vantage point from which one can clearly survey the possibility of improvement. Andrew O’Hagan

Why Being A Good Listener – Can Be Lazy

Being a person with something to say – takes work. This person must know a great deal and have an appreciation for others’ cultures and points of view. A curiosity of the big picture takes time and effort. Then, this same person is gifted if he can show an interest in his listeners’ lives and interests. It is a hard job.

Listening and taking pride in that skill, while nice, is easier. IMG_4109Artist -unknown

Know A Small Problem When It Appears

Know A Small Problem When It Appears


“It’s like you’re drowning in a birdbath. Stand up, it’s just a bird bath.”

the Tarot Reader told her customer

Science Study…Impact


As I listen to people argue about global warming and such, I am struck by how limited many people’s science knowledge seems to be. Unless, we study (on our own), it may be the case that we know only as much true science research as our last solid science class in school. For what it’s worth.

Work Gives You A Level of Confidence

IMG_4111“Work hard. It gives you a level of confidence….confidence to know that you can carry on and take new steps all the time.” architect Dame Zaha Hadid

And you may have success, but only if you can master the technique will you have mastery.

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