Going Somewhere?

Ah, the joy of capricious meandering. Show the world that there’s more to life than a rigid schedule, a job description, and a paycheck.

No Spring Chicken

A spring chicken can be a relative thing. It means the period of time before you put your plans into gear. Start the trip fund, design the addition, make the thing happen…whatever it is.

“Live boldly. Live a whole life.” Tony Snow
photo:File: Free range chicken flock.jpg (Wikipedia)

“Celebrate your hard won adultness!” unknown, or maybe ME

The key to being an adult is growth. When we keep up with what is new and possible, our families and friends find us to be more fun. Happiness exists in action…both large and small.

Life is short…move it, Buddy!

Sharing Our Lives

“Each time we disclose a truth about ourselves – anything from our favorite color to our deepest feelings – we remove a layer.” Martha Beck

When we lived in Pittsburgh, PA and would ask our new German friends to join us at a restaurant,

I could see the disappointment in their expressions. I came to realize that they

thought one can’t know another very well if we don’t share our homes,

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 our food and our personal interests.

So now I clean up, cook some food,Image and invite.

A Year’s Worth Better

Celebrating a friend’s birthday at high tea in The Brown Palace, Denver.

“Charm doesn’t fade, wit doesn’t age and knowledge is still priceless. If we live well, every year we become a year’s worth better, smarter, and wiser.Good humor is more attractive than good breasts.Image ” Molly Ivins 1944-2007

Virginia Statesmen

ImageEven though I was born in Virginia, it takes maturity and interest to respect the history that happened there so long ago.
I am reminded of a quote, “If you don’t do for other people in your life, you won’t leave much of a legacy.” One wonders what legacy we will leave…

Now Here's Some Quality of Life

Hot air ballooning in Colorado.

This Time

“After years of caring for a family or devoting ourselves to advancing a career, we are finally searching for much, much more- quality of life, simple joys, meaning, a sense of value, our own spirituality, and a renewed sense of self.” Dayle Haddon

High Stepping in Denver

At a Denver festival, this group was billed as the Over the Hill Drill Team.

Well, I was there and all in attendance could not help but laugh with joy andImage

keep the beat. This is a spirited and talented music group.

Colorado Cowboys …and Girls

100_3243Few cowboys ever owned much. The primary reward of being a cowboy was the PLEASURE of living a cowboy’s life.”

Riding horses again, or for the first time, is thrilling, hard on the haunches and makes quite a memory. Oh, and the cowboys are cute.

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