Discover Beauty

The wonder of the world is yours to find and enjoy. Take a new route, go somewhere foreign to you, look around at what nature or people have done. Isn’t it fun to lay your eyes on a beautiful display in a shop, a well-behaved animal parading along, a child with a French hair-cut and perfect blue eyes? These are daily visual gifts for us to enjoy. Best to stop in our tracks and take the time necessary to enjoy what was given to us.

6 thoughts on “Discover Beauty

  1. How appropriate. My garden club meets tomorrow and we are to exhibit evergreens. I spent the morning in my garden, among the raindrops, gathering specimens. There is beauty everywhere no matter the season. So much to see, so much to learn.


    • I received a blue and a red ribbon yesterday. I was quite excited. It’s a really fun group and I’m meeting lots of new women with like interests.


  2. Daily visual gifts for us to enjoy, I loved that part. These are so fun and uplifting! I love the photos you put with each day too. Two of your talents, photography and writing. I am looking forward to seeing more of your blogs in the future.


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