Mentoring Young Friends

“We never touch people so lightly that we do not leave a trace.” Peggy Tabor Millin

ImageThis young woman is new to the US, struggling with the English language, and working to achieve a college degree. She will succeed. The young mentor us, as well.

Be Yourself

Sharing and listening, no matter WHERE you happen to be.


Be the friend you’re trying to find.

Pursue the interests, show the compassion and demonstrate the Joie de vivre that you want in a friend. The laws of attraction take over from there.Image

Shopping For Fun

“How old you are is inversely proportional to your spontaneity quotient.” Veronique Vienne

Being a Noun

Nouns just lie around and collect dust. They’re no fun to talk to and they’re not very good ball players. They don’t see much or go anywhere special.  You won’t see them on Broadway or on a mountain top. They don’t ride the waves or even a camel. Best not be a noun, if you can help it.Image  

Or, Be An Adjective

Or, Be An Adjective

This misguided woman thinks she can stave off a bear attack by looking threatening. Aren’t we glad when the silly among us make us laugh? Keep those friends close and encourage the laughter. It makes a day one to remember.

Be A Verb

Be A Verb

Having interests is what makes us fun to ourselves and others. Are your interests stale and in need of a “refresh”? Looking at the world with fresh eyes can certainly be fun. When asked if we would like to do something new, the answer just might be “yes”…and who knows what will happen next.

Explore your own locale as though you are a guest from far away. Bike, fish, ride horses, picnic, take a cooking class or take in a lecture or performance. Make that phone call that you’ve been wanting to make. At the end of the day, chronicle what made that day special. It’s up to us.

Unique You

Unique You

Think back to when you were a child and move forward in time to when you were fully educated. What skills did you have that you could rely on and relished the experience of using? Are you using those skills today? They are your individual strengths and are not to be wasted. In fact, if skills are not used, they can fade from lack of care. Use your skills to be a stand-out!

Discover Beauty

The wonder of the world is yours to find and enjoy. Take a new route, go somewhere foreign to you, look around at what nature or people have done. Isn’t it fun to lay your eyes on a beautiful display in a shop, a well-behaved animal parading along, a child with a French hair-cut and perfect blue eyes? These are daily visual gifts for us to enjoy. Best to stop in our tracks and take the time necessary to enjoy what was given to us.

Strolling down the avenue

Make a decision to get outside and be among the community.There you will discover neighbors and life happening. So many faces, so many expressions and tidbits of conversation are swirling for us to capture and be a part of. If we add our own personality to the mix, who knows what serendipity might occur. One thing for sure, moving about and getting involved can brighten a day…and create a memory.

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