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“There are studies out there that suggest we’re all born with genetic memories – that we move through time carrying the experiences and cultures of our ancestors. i wonder now if there might be something to that. All I know is that the first time I saw ______, I was filled with a sick-happy, uneasy-but-thrilled feeling.”Raymond M. Lane
I know this quote is true!IMG_0132

Challenges As We Age

Chemical/ software engineering is not difficult. Handling the bills, lawn,and ¬†family members is easy, relatively speaking. Putting plump baby feet into velcro sandals without leaving out a baby toe, now that’s too hard for me! Good thing he’s a patient baby.

The Rigors Of Growth

“Behind every cloud the sun is shining.” Leo Basaglia

Life is not for the faint of heart, or the dramatic, for that matter. We all get a little of this and a little of that to deal with.


IMG_1016“Don’t take things so seriously…remember…’The laughter of the gods.’ The gods already know that life is a cosmic joke, an experience, an adventure, and a party of discovery.”

from, Say Yes To Change


IMG_0549“You have outgrown the perils of youth.

You no longer relish horror movies. You know which fork to use.

You apologize rather than make up excuses.

You find disappointments a little less disappointing.” Veronique Vienne

It’s calmer. And…time to make your Oscar picks!

Friends With Passions

Our friends have passions that have become strong skills. Ask a friend to help design a beautiful solution to a lingering problem. It’s a win, win and will be a wonderful memory.

Life Is A Balancing Act

IMG_0055It’s easy to let days get away from us with nothing to show for them. Drudgery is over-rated and certainly to be avoided; so do something wonderful everyday. Drink a special tea, call a pal, window shop in a new locale, see a Indie film or be utterly creative. Balance your day so it includes a special reward or a memory.

The  Life You Lead

“If someone wrote a book about your life, would anyone want to read it?” Navy ad 1994

In Our Family, Crazy Is a Relative Thing

“Everything is nicer when shared with an Uncle.” unknown

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