I’m back after a trip where I saw family and friends and – strangers – warm and interesting strangers. These people were from everywhere and were making new plans for spring. Their eyes lit up with joy.
Nature is wise!

A Short Break

Well, it’s time for my husband and I to go on a trip and see my son, his wife, and their 2 year old birthday boy. We’re all lucky enough to spend time with the other grand-parents, as well.
I never met one grandmother or grandfather and my one livingIMG_1105 grandfather knew us only as Billy’s girls. So, I take being a grandparent seriously and want to go to the party .
After that event, I’ll be spending time with girlfriends and catching up on all our lives.
It’s just possible that I’ll have my camera along and will try to stir up some stories…to write about. See ya later.

“One of the things I’ve learned the hard way is that it doesn’t pay to get discouraged.” Lucille Ball

With modern families and quick occurring events, advice often flows both ways. That’s the way it is.

What Would We Do?

What would we do if we thumbtacked a life size photograph of ourselves on a prominent wall in our homes?Image

Seeing it, would we extend our heads higher or suck in our guts? Would we start to exercise and shop for new clothes?  Would those shoes still be worn? Would we study our expressions and try to look happier or more intelligent? Would this person be a friend we would want? Only a few of us would pause to admire.

Exceptional Attire

Ladies and gentlemen, do you remember clothes whose texture, fit, colors, and style are ingrained in your memories? These clothes fit your life circumstance at the time and served their purpose well. Aren’t these memories grand?100_3214

A Place For Conversation

“We need more conversation about ideas, not people.” Linda Iovino
I was drawn to this spot because it had no electronics or distractions, just beauty. It’s a place for friends to gather.

A Skirt Made Of Scarves


“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.” F.W. Nietzsche

Do We Limit Ourselves?

“Real obstacles don’t take you in circles. They can be overcome. Invented ones are like a maze.” Barbara Sher

Pitfalls of Conversation

Konrad Lorenz on the hazards of conversation:

“Said is not heard, heard is not understood, understood is not agreed to, agreed to is not carried out.” That comment is so true, day in, day out.Image

Friendly Conversation

What people most want in conversation among friends is reassurance. Few people are looking for advice, debate, or constructive criticism. Conversational skill is rare and to engage in a warm, rich exchange is a treasure with no equal.Image

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