Find This Place, There Has To Be One

Sometimes cafe owners simply get it right. The location is perfect, the wait staff is trained, the food on a bright Sunday at brunch is unique and delicious.
We all need to find a place like this in our neighborhoods – or be a part of making one happen.

Creative Types

It’s time to support the creatives among us – those who write, who make films from original material, those who sing and perform, and the artists. They need us and we sure need them. Remember to check out what is happening where you live…and make an appearance. Then, do it again and again until you’re one of the regulars.

Summer Is Coming

Plan a little and then make a memory happen.
Think about a spot that entices, find out out how to get there, and then…nail it down. The anticipation alone will make your day!

Getting It Right

IMG_1212Spend the time to build the friendships…that last a lifetime. We may be different from one another and our lives course up and down, and yet, this is what it’s all about – people and connections.


Let the mind wander and make a colorful mess –  for if you do, a creative idea can emerge.

Being a Human Being

IMG_1428Boston…”Empathy- Identification with and understanding of another’s situation, feelings, and motives.”

An evolved person cares…and then, must recover and love the world again.

A Sad Day…in America

ImageWe have a heavy heart for the meanness that we experience as a nation. As a Boston bartender said, “You mess with one of us, you mess with all of us.”

How Will You Age?

IMG_0885I’m wondering why some people ignore getting older and just keep right on being who they want to be. Did these people find themselves later in life or were they always a little more dapper than most? It takes either confidence or courage to truly be yourself all the way to the end. It’s fun to spot these folks.

My Letter of Resignation

I so agree.

an educator's re-education

featured in The Washington Post’s The Answer Sheet

I applaud the resolution of educators such as Gerald J. Conti and Kris L. Nielsen, for publicly deciding to remove themselves from the classroom, especially because they have used their dissent as a platform to spread awareness about current issues in America’s education reform. If you haven’t come across their widely-read letters of resignation, you can find them here and here, respectively, and they are worth the read. After having spent the past month in Finland, however, gaining new insights from the Finnish education system and having the freedom of time to reflect on my own experiences as a teacher in New York, I have a different kind of letter. Call it my Letter of Resolution. I wrote it because I have had enough. I can’t handle any more top-down; I am ready for some bottom-up. I hope you will join…

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Life Thinking

“What is your mood in real time? How satisfied are you with your life when you think about it?  – They’re not the same.” Daniel Kahneman, author of Thinking Fast and Slow

Using some imagination and mental energy, how can today be made memorable?

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