There’s much to say about discovering your talents and one way is to listen to what others dsay about you. Your talents are what others see in you even if you take them for granted. And, over time and a change in circumstances, talents evolve and morph in new directions.
If what you do most of the time does not give you energy, maybe you’re not using your true talents.


“A man must fill his life with meaning. Meaning is not automatically given to life. It is hard work to fill one’s life with meaning.” Chaim PotokImage

Wicked Fun

Strolling in downtown Denver, I happened to see this establishment. One thinks the location may have been constant since covered wagon days. Had to laugh.

We Can Tell By The Eyes

You talked to him and he was there. You can tell about a person by the eyes. Listeners make warm eye contact and you feel heard. Humor is seen by the movements and the slight crinkles at the corners. You’re acknowledged by a lingering look. Concern is conveyed by a sad narrowing for a brief second.
Eyes, they say it all.

Using your Time Well?

Generally, it’s effort that takes you over the success line. It requires some courage to move the effort line to the sweet spot where something can actually happen.
“Pretend to be someone who can do it.”Neil Gaiman


Misperception by the young.
When we look at people who are older it is so easy to think we know them when we can’t possibly. These ordinary, even dowdy adults in our world used to be beautiful (or terribly handsome), a star athlete, an adventurer in Asia, a winning trial lawyer, a CEO of a competitive corporation, or the best fisherman in Maine – and then, they aged and changed their life course.
To a young stranger, these older people may not appear worth the effort to befriend. However, getting to know them could be enriching for both generations.

A Suggestion

In that journal I spoke of earlier, there is the section for a robust life experience.
Great restaurants on the other side of town have afternoon hours and desserts. Stop in, try a coffee and a desert, and peek at the menu. That way you’ll feel comfortable going back someday.

A Journal Can Guide Your Day

Choose a notebook. Decide its format.
Record your day. Food. Exercise. And, most important, what you did to enhance the quality of your day.
Call a friend.
Start a painting, etc.
Learn a new skill.
Help a neighbor or relative.
Travel to a new spot.
Talk to a stranger who becomes a friend.
Record it, reflect, and enjoy.



Our Story

“In the end we are our choices. Build yourself a great story.” Jeff Bezos

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