“Life is too short to work on inconsequential problems.”
Will your problems play themselves out over time? Look around, how did other peoples’ similar situations resolve? Expect the best; you have reason to.


Whatever you do, “do not be a pooper of parties.” Crook
As you go through your day, bring your personality with you.

A Different Type of Friend

This tree is like a kind and generous friend. It has seen many happy times!

Senses For A Reason

How often do we think about all five senses? Not enough, i say. 

This restaurant in Denver is doing everything right. Guests enter to the most aromatic cooking smells, the decor is warm and inviting, the bustle is fun (not assaulting)Image

and the tastes are sure to be remembered.

We can do more of this ourselves in our own homes. Hey, I have work to do.

“Shrinking violets die virgins. This a way of saying that those who are afraid to admit and

pursue what they want condemn themselves to never, ever getting it.” Tish Durkin


How does one describe the fragrance of fresh? In Lather, in Pasadena, CA, the enticement of products on the filigreed cart outside lured me in, but the sweet smelling freshness kept me there. I was treated to a scrub and the very best moisture products I have ever experienced.
We forget that we ALL have skin that needs some LOVE.


Character is formed in groups. The psychology of a community is that when neighborhoods feel disorganized and scary, crime happens.
James Q. Wilson
This is a concept that has many parts.

California, Where Limits Can Evaporate

IMG_1502“Argue for your limitations, and sure enough, they’re yours.” Richard Bach

Just spent time with “doers” in California. Maybe it’s the diversity in geography, cultures, agriculture, but certainly, ideas, that make this place feel freer for people to try new concepts. It is a hard-scabble place with people who have a perseverance that I don’t see everywhere, but there appears to be an attitude of possibility among the second tier of creatives. They collaborate and try to show up for each other, thus their networks are tight.

They don’t limit their talents or talk themselves out of attempts for success. We can learn from the quality work ethic¬†that exists there.

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