Seize The Moment

We think we have all the time in the world to make memories, but this is a falsehood. Dress up and take the granddaughters to lunch in a fancy lunch spot, grab the little ones and go fishing or boating. The kids will remember this one special time…for the rest of their lives.

Age is Relative

“You are older at this moment than you’ve ever been before, and it’s the youngest you’re ever going to get.”
Tim Kreider, NYT
So, what are you going to do now?

Languages of Music and Food

“For humanity, the two most universal languages are music and cuisine.
Either you eat or you die, no?” Chef Ferran Adria’
Are you making music…or playing it?
Are you creating food, or eating with pleasure?

Little Old Lady

“Well, I feel I’ve become a little old lady in some respects. In public, I’ll be going about and doing things and I look up to see older people looking and smiling…kindly. What the hell is that about?”

a text I sent to my sister last year

Power of Truth

” Every time we’re willing to tell a hard truth, we grow and deepen in presence, no matter the response. The energy that we previously locked up to maintain a false front is now freed to uplift and enliven us.”Raphael Cushnir

Nation's Birthday

In watching national news over time, I appreciate being an American and wonder how we came to be so lucky as to be born here. The world is complex and rife with trouble, but generally, our systems keep the lid on so that we can work hard and prosper – if we’re given a little luck along the way. Success for the many makes life for all of us better. Happy 4th of July.

Making The Most of Years

“There are years that ask questions and years that answer.” Zora Neale Hurston
You know it’s true. Which is this for you?

Relating Family Stories, What?

“Memory is treacherous; you can’t depend on it. It is basically always recreated to reinforce your anxiety or to make yourself look better, but whatever actually did happen is totally susceptible to subjective interpretation. I absolutely don’t trust my memory.”
Milton Glaser

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