Handwritten Message

*grounds one’s thoughts
*helps with word choice precision
*spelling matters
*hand co-ordination is noticed
*heart felt language
*when folks are gone, handwritten notes are precious

Youth Travels

” It is not going to be a success only journey.” Dr. Phil
It seems to me that because young people can expect a long healthy life, they allow themselves to dabble and try careers and experiences that truly interest them. Sometimes, for one reason or another, they move to a new venture. What is valuable is that they gave it a go and won’t spend a lifetime wishing they had at least tried.
Often, as well, this attempt becomes who they are and they find that, no matter what, the venture will continue.

Maybe Straighten Up and Fly Right?

“Write a detailed description of the kind of person you would like to be ten years from now. Describe your future personality – how you feel about yourself, how you want to interact with other people, how you want to live and love, laugh and play, learn and work, contribute to the world.” Dottie Billingham
Maybe I could straighten up and fly right…


“None of us is finished. We all have some ingrown place with potential growth. One of the most devastating and damaging things that can happen to anyone is to fail to fulfill potential. A kind of gnawing emptiness, longing, frustration, and anger takes over when this occurs.” E. T. Hall, Anthropologist

If Invited, Say YES

Spontaneity equals fun. When someone invites you, go. There is always fun to be done if we show up. Bring your warm personality with you.
No invitations? Time for you to invite?

Take a Breather

“A place where pebbles are polished and diamonds are dimmed.”

Living Life and Writing Chapters

It seems to me that the best way to live one’s life is to think of heuristic chapters. Babyhood, childhood, school, college, partnering, careers, and all that happens subsequent to that. Life is long – and full – if we keep engaging fully. At the end, our life’s “book” should be fun to read, and maybe even inspiring.

Bear Country in South Dakota

Does your life include seeing the sites in America? Once we realize that the national parks are chosen because they’re so beautiful, it makes seeing them an imperative.
They take my breath away.

The Art of Conversation

“A good conversation is more like a hacky-sack than a game of tennis – the objective is to keep the ball in the air, not to defeat the opponent. At its best, such conversation gets deeper and richer the longer it can be sustained.” Vicki Robin

Force the Routine to Change

“I have never been contained except that I made the prison.” African-American poet Mari Evans

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