The Competence of Youth

It’s such a pleasure to be among the quietly competent purveyors of locally grown, creative food. This restaurant called, The Populist, in Denver was expertly conceived, designed, decorated, and orchestrated by a smart youthful staff. Every bite was surprising and delicious.
What a treasure to spend an evening there with friends talking about topics of the day.

On Being A Boss

“I’ve got this boss thing all figured out.”
Treat subordinates as grown-ups – they’ll grow up. Kill grimness with laughter. Maintain an atmosphere of informality. Encourage exuberance. Get rid of sad dogs who spread gloom. Sack incurable politicians... Oglilvy told me all this

Life Is Like An Old Wagon Wheel

Sometimes events indicate that the wheel spokes are pointed up. Other times, the spokes begin a downward trajectory. We can rest assured that once the spokes have hit bottom, and a new plan is formed and executed, the spokes will be on an upward turn once again.
This is simply how it rolls.

Better Questions Are Key

I saw this gorilla at the zoo this week-end and he seemed to be deep in thought.
Stuart Firestein said on TED that we should pursue better questions, rather than simple answers. “What we don’t know is what makes a good question. What do you know and how much do you know about it? What can you ask about it?”
This is the 21st Century critical thinking that we’re always hearing about. Kids need to learn to ask questions and seek answers…as they learn how to learn.

Neighborhoods Are Not To Be Wasted

Kids are so much more astute than adults as they size up their neighborhoods. They see possibility in everyone around them and often entice the older adults to wake up and take notice of how cool they are to know. They do this by being innocently friendly to adults in their lives, and sure enough, the adults enjoy the relationships as well.
A multi-generational bond is formed…for a lifetime. Thank goodness for the kids among us.

Some Of the Richest Times

When a marvelous dinner has been prepared, the table set, and loved ones are present, the choice nugget is the after dinner conversation.
It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it goes like this. No one is shoveling food in his mouth and no one rushes off to do the dishes; instead, people settle back in their chairs and talk, tell stories, listen to each other, and enjoy the humor that emerges. It is utter downtime and likely to be the only part of the dinner that is truly remembered.

On how to be a lady who lived into her 90's

“I believe in denial… Denial is a marvelous thing.”    Kitty Carlisle

Assumptions, People Hold Them Close To the Vest

You know a conversation is going somewhere when people will own and articulate their assumptions on a topic. These under-lying assumptions are the key to deciding whether you agree with, can connect to, or want to engage with another person.
I find it tiresome to dance around a conversation with a secretive person. It’s not worth my time.
Assumptions and bears? These bears are in a SD bear park…not in the open.

What We Learn From

“You have to finish things – that’s what you learn from, you learn by finishing things.”
Neil Gaiman
This quote is one I need and it has pushed me forward today. This is how to earn respect, as well.

A Life Skill, Keep Your Powder Dry

A quote from Debora Spar, President of Barnard College: “Keep your powder dry. Pick your battles wisely. I try to be easy to get along with. I’m not aggressive or confrontational by nature. So when something’s important, I’ll fight for it, and I’ll fight hard, but I don’t do it very often. If you’re going to make a point, know every bit of data, every statistic, have your arguments formulated.”

Sometimes, we DO need to muster up the courage to battle over an important issue.

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