Ingenious Shopping Technique

You’re shopping and you find an item you absolutely love and covet with all your heart. Then, you check the price and compare it to your budget and you get that feeling – you know the feeling. Well, pull out your phone and take pictures and then, you “have it”. You don’t have to pay for it, but you can show it around, dream about it, and maybe even save for it.
Your photo is yours to keep – free.

“When you do something from your soul, you feel a river running in you, a joy. Yet so often we resist the pull of the river. We tune out the call of the soul.” Elizabeth Lesser

We must remember what bestows us with an alive feeling – and do it every chance we can.
Music, writing, running, singing, cooking, exercise, flying…your soul knows.

Photographer of photo

Minimalism, The Opposite of Interesting

“What is the least I can do and still …?” Matthew Kelly
The minimalist wants the reward of a certain toil, but does not want to toil. Minimalism is born from a lack of passion for the things we do.
Think of your best colleagues, they are not the minimalists. The excellent ones are nurturing every aspect of the human spirit.

Do You Gravitate to a Color?

At lunch today in the Mexican restaurant, my eye kept being drawn to the Corona sign because of the blue neon. I was a child of seven at a Dairy Queen in Waynesboro, VA eating soft vanilla ice cream at a small hilltop shop, when I first saw blue neon. The night was perfect because I was having a treat with my cousins and sisters on a hot summer evening.
Wonderful blue neon – such a beautiful color – to me.

What To Do Everyday...

” What will matter is the good we did, not the good we expected others to do.” Elizabeth Lesser

I saw these fall leaves in Vancouver, BC, and envisioned them as worthy acts to accomplish in my lifetime.

I think I’d better step up the pace.

“The city divides so easily into those who make it more interesting,

and those who simply make it what it is.”    Christopher Buckley on author Wieseltier
Let’s support those whose minds make it more interesting.

Enjoy Any Public Art Today?

I am always impressed by cities that make public art a priority. Many places are known and remembered for a piece of outside art. Some communities configure parks and botanic gardens so that people feel valued.

Surely this forethought results in revenue for the city over time. Smart.

Putting Friends First

Friends deserve to waste some time together, in a new place, seeing new sights, and getting into some mischief. Time spent together makes a friendship thrive and bloom.
Love Vancouver, BC! People in Vancouver are truly nice and helpful…don’t think I’ve ever said this before about a place.

Christopher Reeve said ...

“My pet peeve is able bodied people who are somehow paralyzed in their core. Keep moving.” Christopher Reeve
If we can move, or DO, we should!

Birthdays or Gratitude?

Birthdays, when you’re older mean at least as much as they did when you were younger. Young people either look forward to an age or dread it because they are giving up a life stage or their youthful good looks.
And when you’re older, you’re more appreciative that you’re alive and can appreciate what you know, family and friends, and all that you can still anticipate and experience. Sometimes, birthdays come with a tinge of regret that a friend or family member was not able to experience more in their lives.
Bottom line…step it up…birthdays are to be celebrated – in warm and caring ways.

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