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“I love to see a young girl go out and grab the world by the lapels. Life’s a bitch. You’ve got to go out and kick ass.”
― Maya Angelou
And it never hurts to know where to shop before the kickin’ starts. Buy one great piece from a shop you’ll always remember.

Celebrate the Moments of Your Life

“If you miss the moments of your life, you miss your life.” Mrs. Ellwood, my mentor
If I believe in anything, I believe in effort – to step up and be your best self. It’s not easy to do and we generally don’t accomplish it, but we should surely try.
Celebrations in my lexicon mean births, birthdays, promotions, awards, fetes of continuous work that are complete, anniversaries, and celebrations of the life of a loved one. We must step up, show up and bring our personalities. Come and go to everything. If not, are we truly living our lives?

It's Not a Box Store

For many of us, it is sheer joy to happen upon a store that sells exactly what we’d love to look at and own. When this happens, our personality and that of the store owner are on the same wave length. These unique shop owners could sure use our support.
“Ask for what you want and be prepared to get it. ” Maya Angelou

A Fun Possibility

What if…what if all your favorite people happened by this table and were invited to stay for a laugh, some food and drink? Wouldn’t that just be grand? Even better, what if these people included all your far off friends or those who are now gone to another place? Sprinkle the jokesters and storytellers all around for best effect. Wouldn’t it truly be grand?


There’s a BASF quote, “No one knows it all, but we all know a little something.”
Well, Jesi Pace-Berkeley (the artist of this painting – Tech Woman ) knows a lot about her craft.
Who among you knows a little something and is sharing it?

The Squiggly Path

Don’t be afraid of the squiggly path to find where you are gifted. We simply weren’t exposed to enough of the world before we were forced to choose a career route. Therefore pay attention to what you’re doing (and do it well), what the group is doing, and how you can contribute more…sometimes, simply by asking. Asking brings new people into focus whom you never knew existed.
These days, I try to look at the world with gentle eyes because I’ve learned that the best happenings occur that way.

Oh, and that thing is a slug.

Adult Friendship

All new research speaks to the need for spending hours every day with others for both happiness and mental alertness.
And yet, friendship is not an easy matter and true friends are rare. It takes openness and effort (sometimes hard to come by in adults). Some people get stuck in an immature model and never become an empathic person who can go through the deep with a friend.
We have to be a friend to have friends, plain and simple. This is a worthy goal to achieve in one’s lifetime.

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