Generations of Family

“The quality of our lives is about treating each other well.” Dr. P.M. Forni
This, like all other skills, is one that’s learned by doing.
And then, we have to care enough to keep working on it.

Shopping, No Stress, Just Looking

As said in an earlier post, if you want an item, take a photo. Carry it around, show people and talk about the fun you had – free. So you don’t feel deprived, dress up and enjoy the shopping trip. Along the way, smile at and talk to people you meet, hold some doors open, smile at babies and young children and, generally – spread a little cheer. Donate what change you have in the red kettle as you leave – and feel grateful for the experience.

Observations of a College Freshman on Thanksgiving Break

Little brother sat in rapt attention as he listened to his very happy older brother. Mr. College loves everything about school so far and excitedly recounted how much a professor liked a paper he wrote. It was fun to overhear such a special family moment of joy.

Living Each Day

“I wanted to live each day, moment to moment, enjoying the fact that nothing ever stays the same and nothing turns out the way we expect…Wow, life is interesting when everything changes”. Elizabeth Lesser
Makes one want to seize one’s life and hold on tight.

Looking For What You Like…In Life

It’s a version of the glass half full maxim. When I see a person, place, or object, what specifically do I like about it? If I can put together a description of it, I can claim it. General feelings of pleasure won’t be remembered, but specifics will. Then I can look explicitly for what makes it special.
Here, keeping a log to trap thinking can be beneficial – because memory is capricious.   photo Vicki Archer

Take yourself To Lunch

The plain fact is people are busy and consumed with their own thoughts – so worrying about them is a waste of time.
Dress up, go out to your favorite destination, take it all in, and treat yourself to lunch. Order exactly what you want and wine, too – if you please.

Do exactly what you want to do and enjoy. Good for you!

Yelling – It’s Not What It’s Cracked Up To Be

Yelling - It's Not What It's Cracked Up To Be

Yelling is for the uninformed young – who don’t know any better. You usually hear it when people are frustrated and at a loss for words. It wears you out, shakes you up and ruins the atmosphere for days. Communication zooms right out the window.
As a high school teacher, I never yelled. I wanted to, but knew that quiet, solid, composure would work better.
At this age, I need to save my energy for smiling.

Short Term Endeavors

Short Term Endeavors

At a certain age, we have to know that we’re making short term decisions – and that’s ok. We know that a trip to a new city is it – enjoy and take a picture. Tutoring a young parent new to this county can result in a one time ESL tutoring session where we practice how to ask for a second job. He secured the job, I wish him well – and I’ll never forget him.
Short term events are often very rewarding.

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