Your Own Story
“Create your own story. Never let others create it for you.” Kim Hohman We know our talents and we know how to use them. We know how we want our lives to unfold. Our loyalties are unique. What we admire is known only to us. Play your cards and play them well.

The Way We Do...

“The way we do anything is the way we do everything.” Martha Beck
This explanation appears to be true. Do we put enough time and effort into our days to be proud of our accomplishments? Do we truly show up in our lives and become good at many or even one ability? Are we givers or passive takers? As with everything else, it is our choice to make.


I hear people criticize others when they’re not consistent over time. Seems to me that evolving thinking is clearly a sign of intelligence. Rigidity is not.
For example, just look at nature – as it changes..

Life Is A Process, not a Destination

We have a task to do and we get started. We have to devise a plan, figure it out and initiate the process. Sometimes it’s too hard to complete in one day or even many…but the work is started. Along the way, failure can happen as well. But as the actor, Anthony Edwards said, ” Since when is being absolutely perfect what being a human is? What do we gain from that?”

Trust The Gap

A young friend of mine years ago told me to, “Just tell them. They may not like it at the moment, but they’ll hear you.”
One perspective that I hold is that people do hear others even though it may take time for the comment to sink in. One telling is usually enough, too. It certainly goes both ways – if it’s a rich relationship.
Sometimes people need years to “hear it”, but it will happen. That’s the art of good communication.

The Workers Who Make Life Better

In a day, if we’re lucky, we have “order and disorder, heights and craters, plodding difficulties and …flashes of MAGIC”. -Elizabeth Lesser
I’ve always admired the people who create, repair, design, heal and accomplish tasks. And one particular piece of magic that I enjoy is freshly baked bread. Bakers of fine, warm, beautiful bread – simply make life better.

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