Found Some Southern Cookin’ in the Mile High City

Found Some Southern Cookin' in the Mile High City

“Southerners can’t stand to eat alone. If we’re going to cook a mess of greens we want to eat them with a mess of people.” Julia Reed
I have lived in Denver almost 18 years and today I had the best Southern food I may have ever eaten at Tom’s Home Cookin’ in Five Points. The establishment looks like a sensible labor of love because it’s only open five days a week for the lunchtime needs of the hungry – and the knowing.

Success fosters a passion, if the passion is something one does.

It's A Funny Thing About Passion

My friend quietly said that most people don’t appear to have a passion. I thought about that statement and feel that people don’t develop a passion because they are not given a chance to try enough different activities. By trying I mean multiple attempts to engage with the endeavor and have some success.
Scott Adams of Dilbert fame says “success creates passion more than passion creates success”. Think about that for awhile and you may just agree.

I’ve Noticed A Balance

I've Noticed A Balance

First, this photo does not do justice to this painting. It was painted by my sister, Jesi Pace-Berkeley, and is entitled Tech Woman.
She exemplifies a knowing balance that I see among my friends. If one’s profession is fun and lucrative, the  personal giving back is often to the unfortunate. If the profession is a helping one, the balance of free time is aimed at having some pleasure.

A Breather

Time to rest and breathe. Anything you are doing will be enhanced by this move.

If Ever There Was a Truth

This is not my photo, but the message is important enough to borrow.
Living one’s life well is closely similar to running an important successful company.
The course of the life must be planned, executed, new concepts employed for maximum benefit, celebrated, and all members of the organization must feel significant.
Quite a task for a mere human.

Now About These Boots

I was walking past Cry Baby Ranch in LoDo, Colorado and stopped short when I saw these boots. They were a joy to see. Isn’t it wonderful that someone envisioned them, designed them and had them made? Then, by a process known only to them, the store put them on the market. All we had to do was walk by and look at them for a special visual treat. I am sure they won’t last long in the window.
My point is, we need to get out more to see what’s out there.

Highly Political Workplace?

Some places we work are laid back.
Most employment situations are highly political; it’s the nature of humans. We have to understand that everyone wants to do a job that is recognized by their peers and the higher ups. To win this life game, it’s best to convince everyone that you are their ally. Every single person. This can’t be faked, so it’s important to work where you fit into the vision of a good service, idea…you see where this is going.

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