What Did I Just Learn From That - In This Moment- That I Must Capture?

If we are present in the company of our lives, meaning we are listening and thinking about what is happening, there will be times when we must capture what we’ve learned. Our memories are superb, but they fade, so we must help them. Capture what you’ve learned in a journal, a book inscription, a piece of art, writing or some other permanent place. This is a gift you give yourself that propels you in the direction you’re trying to go.

3 thoughts on “What Did I Just Learn From That – In This Moment- That I Must Capture?

  1. This is so eloquently put. I especially love that last line. I think that’s one of the reasons I so love art- it freezes a piece of who I am at that point in my journey. Thank you for sharing this little insight!


  2. That’s beautiful! I don’t like to get my picture taken (I’m not going to stop others from doing so if they really want to), but I hope part of me can be remembered by my stories and other creations.


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