A Satisfying Conversation

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Oh, how I long for enriching conversations. To me these are the talks that center on life, nature, the good of all people and questions as well as statements. A gentle face that allows eye contact is ideal for listening and responding as we volley a topic back and forth to its conclusion.
I need to hear the thoughts of others so that I can ponder them later for incorporation into my understanding of the bigger picture. I seek facts and the willingness for each of us to name our assumptions out loud. These assumptions are seldom aired out of fear of full disclosure. But full disclosure in these trying times is what moves us forward, for I have no desire to look backward.

Disarmingly Charming

It takes courage to be disarmingly charming. George Clooney is a master of this skill and every time we see it, we are wowed once again.
“She smiled and greeted me, while looking directly into my eyes. Most people don’t realize how disarming a smile can be.”
Lead with a smile; don’t approach with a neutral look on your face waiting to see the reaction of the other.

Look To The Examples

“Children have never been very good at listening to their elders, but they have never failed to imitate them.” James Baldwin
This lady walked in a Colorado 10 K race. She walked with such grace and pleasure that she was hard to miss. I took note, as did others.

These Deer Know A Thing or TWO

Driving through a neighborhood, I saw these deer statues. As I approached, they moved a bit to show that they saw me. Once again, I was surprised by being out and about on a new journey.
“If we don’t change, we don’t grow.
If we don’t grow, we aren’t really living.”
Gail Sheehy

What Makes Good Work Good?

“If you discover and are able to articulate your philosophy of work (what it’s good for and why you do it), you’ll be less likely to let others design your life for you.” Designing Your Life, Burnett and Evans
Most of us have to compromise in life’s work reality, but we can work with integrity and direction that is all our own.

A Gift Is A Connection

When one gives a gift, it is to foster a connection with another person. Gift giving requires thought, effort, and physical action. And then the gift giver waits for a response. This is why a thank you note, text, email or phone call is so important; the giver is attempting a connection. Connections in today’s world are precious commodities.
(as said by a wise daughter-in-law)IMG_1738

A Wise Man Celebrates What He Can

“As the actress poured some more vodka, the Count looked about the drab room.
How are the dogs? he asked.
Better off than I am.
To the dogs then, he said, lifting his glass.
Yes. She agreed with a smile. To the dogs.”
A Gentleman in Moscow


“If you can’t live up to your expectations, lower them.” unknown older
This quote may sound odd, but our expectations often stop us from enjoying our lives. Career opportunities are cast aside that could lead to new fascinating experiences. Excursions aren’t taken because they are less than desired and people are over-looked who could be treasures to know.
Expectations can hold us back. Instead, take it as it comes – with eyes wide open.

We Have The Opportunity to…

Maybe we look at our lives the wrong way sometimes. Instead of, “I have to go to dance lessons”, it can be said, ” I have the opportunity to attend dance instruction.”
Sounds better to me and everything we do can be reframed into, “I have the opportunity to…”
There are many tasks we’d just rather not do because they are simply hard.
This technique flips the stress switch in the right direction.
Oprah- “Everyday is a day to start over.” This applies to our attitudes, as well.

Having Grace

Grace is all around us for the taking, but we often let it drift away-unused.
Grace can alleviate problematic scenarios and literally freshen the air.
Caroline Myss said, “When you get mad and want to say _ and something inside you says, ‘Do you really want to go there?’ that’s grace.”

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