Conversational Finesse

Even with the best of conversational intentions, you can feel the misstep. The trust is tenuous, but growing, and then it happens. Too much is asked and the conversation narrows.
“Note to world: curiosity killed the chat.” Philip Galanes

Life Requires a Great Deal of Sorting

“We are largely the people we expect to be, because that identity shapes the way we sort through the thousand life choices with which we are confronted daily.” Judith Sills, PH.D.
Sure makes one think, this one.

Energy Walking

My one word resolution this year is “energy”. I look for it in conversations, restaurants, people and scenes on the street.
These walkers on a day in late October embody this theme to a tee.

Can’t We Just Remember To Enjoy Mealtime?

“First we eat, then we do everything else.” M.F.K. Fisher
We can do it. Mealtime can return to delicious family time together. Someone in the group has to take a stand and wrestle mealtime back into a pleasurable activity. The children are watching to see how it’s done.

The Precious Years

“Charm doesn’t fade, wit doesn’t age, and knowledge is still priceless. If we live well, every year we become a year’s worth better, smarter, and more fun.” Molly Ivins
Children remember these special times – really, they only remember the special times.

Over the Ages

“It’s more like it used to be than it ever was.” says “Rick” on Anthony Bourdain
Family being together can be a riot – and it should be.

Objectivity in – Intelligence

“I think ‘love of mankind’ is the essence of wisdom. And you can’t be wise without being intelligent, but you you certainly can be intelligent without being wise.” Marilyn V. Savant Looking at the very big picture helps in this regard.
On another note, look at their “whole body listening”, no screens – so refreshing.

A Sweet Smile

” A sweet smile takes you by surprise. It makes you question whether she is really that kind. I hope so- because the world needs you.” Deni Loritsch

Double Down

Double Down

Double Down

If you’ve tried to do a thing- and have not succeeded- you can step away and quit, or you can “double down” with a new plan and twice the effort.
“Most fears aren’t real in the way you think they are. They’re just a story you tell yourself, and you can choose to stop repeating it. Choose to stop listening.”Jason Comely

Are You Maximizing Today?

Tell your story. Don’t try and tell the stories that other people can tell. Only you can carry your dreams forward.

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