The Way We Do...

“The way we do anything is the way we do everything.” Martha Beck
This explanation appears to be true. Do we put enough time and effort into our days to be proud of our accomplishments? Do we truly show up in our lives and become good at many or even one ability? Are we givers or passive takers? As with everything else, it is our choice to make.

Celebrate the Moments of Your Life

“If you miss the moments of your life, you miss your life.” Mrs. Ellwood, my mentor
If I believe in anything, I believe in effort – to step up and be your best self. It’s not easy to do and we generally don’t accomplish it, but we should surely try.
Celebrations in my lexicon mean births, birthdays, promotions, awards, fetes of continuous work that are complete, anniversaries, and celebrations of the life of a loved one. We must step up, show up and bring our personalities. Come and go to everything. If not, are we truly living our lives?

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