Festival Time

Denver, as most cities, has an array of festivals all summer long. Attending once and then over and over gives us a local flavor for art, jewelry, foods, music and local merriment. On successive trips, we spend time looking for vendors that were at the festival last year and the year before. We “need” another object that only they have.
We can’t be in a hurry or it spoils the fun.
My mentor used to say, “If you miss the moments of your life, you miss your life.” Mrs. Ellsworth

Creative Types

It’s time to support the creatives among us – those who write, who make films from original material, those who sing and perform, and the artists. They need us and we sure need them. Remember to check out what is happening where you live…and make an appearance. Then, do it again and again until you’re one of the regulars.


Let the mind wander and make a colorful mess Р for if you do, a creative idea can emerge.

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