What Is Your Gift?

“Be a good steward of your gifts, ” the poet Jane Kenyon urged.
Days can get away from us and we fail to do the one thing that is most important.
This is a wasted day. We really have no time to waste.

Sometimes “we must be willing to let go of the life we’ve planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us.” Joseph Campbell
And when this happens, be in, be real and be bold.


I hear people criticize others when they’re not consistent over time. Seems to me that evolving thinking is clearly a sign of intelligence. Rigidity is not.
For example, just look at nature – as it changes..

Living Each Day

“I wanted to live each day, moment to moment, enjoying the fact that nothing ever stays the same and nothing turns out the way we expect…Wow, life is interesting when everything changes”. Elizabeth Lesser
Makes one want to seize one’s life and hold on tight.

Force the Routine to Change

“I have never been contained except that I made the prison.” African-American poet Mari Evans

We Think We Don’t, But We Do

One reason that I feel vibrant at this age is because I believe we have choices. Limited thinking is self imposed. Our choices include having the bravery for new relationships, travel, work status, brain food, real food, exercise, music, rest…you name it. If we’re feeling stuck, it’s time to re-examine and make a new choice.

We can get out and notice the world, then adopt some newness in our lives. Choices, like words, belong to those who pluck the best ones.IMG_1369

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