Saying A Thing

“When you say something, make sure you have said it. The chances of your having said it are only fair.” E. B. White
This is true in speech, writing or visual arts. Best to ask the receiver what he understands. And, don’t over-speak. Be precise, choose the right words and carefully proceed. Good luck.

Now About These Boots

I was walking past Cry Baby Ranch in LoDo, Colorado and stopped short when I saw these boots. They were a joy to see. Isn’t it wonderful that someone envisioned them, designed them and had them made? Then, by a process known only to them, the store put them on the market. All we had to do was walk by and look at them for a special visual treat. I am sure they won’t last long in the window.
My point is, we need to get out more to see what’s out there.

A Simple Skill, Oh So Important

Pure cooking is a skill . Eating well with fresh ingredients, cooking knowledge, and a good list of delicious dishes we can prepare is a skill. Simplicity.
Children acquainted with all manner of food, prepared well, are the lucky ones.
Eating isn’t optional. It can be a pleasure to share with others. Purely simple.
Osteria Marco, Denver, Colorado

The Competence of Youth

It’s such a pleasure to be among the quietly competent purveyors of locally grown, creative food. This restaurant called, The Populist, in Denver was expertly conceived, designed, decorated, and orchestrated by a smart youthful staff. Every bite was surprising and delicious.
What a treasure to spend an evening there with friends talking about topics of the day.

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