A Satisfying Conversation

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Oh, how I long for enriching conversations. To me these are the talks that center on life, nature, the good of all people and questions as well as statements. A gentle face that allows eye contact is ideal for listening and responding as we volley a topic back and forth to its conclusion.
I need to hear the thoughts of others so that I can ponder them later for incorporation into my understanding of the bigger picture. I seek facts and the willingness for each of us to name our assumptions out loud. These assumptions are seldom aired out of fear of full disclosure. But full disclosure in these trying times is what moves us forward, for I have no desire to look backward.

Conversational Finesse

Even with the best of conversational intentions, you can feel the misstep. The trust is tenuous, but growing, and then it happens. Too much is asked and the conversation narrows.
“Note to world: curiosity killed the chat.” Philip Galanes

Don't You Just Long For Conversation?

My idea of bliss is a table full of interesting people who show up with their interests and knowledge in tow. They are grateful to be included and look forward to the food and good times. Everyone seeks to learn about the hopes and dreams of everyone else. Then, there is a chance for an intimate, memorable conversations.

Making a Life Pivot

Sometimes “we must be willing to let go of the life we’ve planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us.” Joseph Campbell
And when this happens, be in, be real and be bold.

A Life Without Conflict Is Ridiculous

Without civilized conflict, little of value happens. Opinions are not expressed, ideas are not surfaced, and too much of life goes unsaid.
People slip away and no one knows why. Teams lose a member for reasons that would actually benefit everyone if a person had the courage to talk. The key is how to voice conflict in a totally adult manner. A worthy goal.

First Thing, Never Be Boring

Don’t worry about aging, worry about being boring. That’s far worse and within our control.
I once read that Leticia Balderidge, Jackie Kennedy’s social secretary, advised to prepare to be social. Read the news, know the scoop, have an anecdote ready to share. Find what is interesting about each person you have the good fortune to speak with. Say yes to events and gatherings. Put some fun into it.

Telling Our Stories

“But perhaps the most profound of the tools we have at our disposal is the simple act of telling our stories to other human travelers – in a circle around a fire, at the back fence with a neighbor, or at a kitchen table with family and friends.” Elizabeth Lesser
Let’s look for this happening in our world. Do we see people together relaxed, laughing, or listening intently to each other?

Assumptions, People Hold Them Close To the Vest

You know a conversation is going somewhere when people will own and articulate their assumptions on a topic. These under-lying assumptions are the key to deciding whether you agree with, can connect to, or want to engage with another person.
I find it tiresome to dance around a conversation with a secretive person. It’s not worth my time.
Assumptions and bears? These bears are in a SD bear park…not in the open.

The Art of Conversation

“A good conversation is more like a hacky-sack than a game of tennis – the objective is to keep the ball in the air, not to defeat the opponent. At its best, such conversation gets deeper and richer the longer it can be sustained.” Vicki Robin

Put Down That Phone

Conversations build relationships, plain and simple.
There’s real eye contact, body language and kindness as news is discussed. At the end of the exchange, we all feel rich. That’s my kind of wealth.

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