I Don’t Know What To Do

It’s something we learn – what to do when someone dies. The answer is, do something tangible. Bring tasty food, a special photo, write a heartfelt note of memories or show up to actually help in whatever way is needed. These kindnesses are always remembered and they honor the one who is gone.
“Yes, the world is changed, dear heart, but do not be afraid. You are loved, you are loved. You will not disappear. I will remember.”Kate Bowler

The Courtesy of a Response

There is an invitation, letter, card, phone call, illness, death and it requires a response. In other words, it requires some connection. What holds people back from responding? Is it fear, uncertainty, forgetfulness or, selfishness? I often wonder about this as I watch life unfold.

Basically, being a true grown up requires a response to others.

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