Special Times

“This time, like all other times, is a very good one, if we but know what to do with it.” Ralph Waldo EmersonIMG_9040

Conversational Finesse

Even with the best of conversational intentions, you can feel the misstep. The trust is tenuous, but growing, and then it happens. Too much is asked and the conversation narrows.
“Note to world: curiosity killed the chat.” Philip Galanes


“There is nothing insignificant in the ¬†world. It all depends on your point of view.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

That pretty much sums it up, wouldn’t you say?

Are You Looking?

“Yes, life moves pretty fast, If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you’ll miss it.” overheard
If you don’t find yourself gently looking at the sights around you and zeroing in on particularly interesting ones, you’re missing out…plain and simple.
Happy day!

The Children Were Here

This shoppe on Gaylord Street in Denver is near one of my favorite restaurants, Wash Park Grill. I love to walk by it because everything inside and displayed in the windows is colorful and unique.
The children’s drawings demonstrate that an environment of freedom of creativity is fostered by the owners. I imagine that no one told the kids what to do, the drawings came from their hearts. And, the art was made by hand, outside!

Pay Very Close Attention To What You Love

Take the time to note what you adore seeing, tasting, hearing, touching, smelling and experiencing. Some of these should be incorporated into your every day – or you’re wasting your daytimes. Sometimes we simply forget our pleasures and need a journal for writing them down. What a glorious journal that should be.

Where Do You Hang Your Hat?

Over the course of a lifetime, where you hang your hat is a pertinent question that must be answered. Life stages often dictate a need to be in one location or another. The heart pulls and these longings shouldn’t be resisted – that’s probably your soul speaking to you. Ignoring a desire to live in a place can often result in a heartache and that’s regrettable.
At the very least we should travel and visit where the heart wants to go.

The Perfect Pair of Shoes

What is it about shoes that is so much fun? Maybe it’s simply the quest for the perfect pair. The perfect pair can change your life, if you have an imagination and some spunk. They must be unique to you, you must wear them with aplomb, they must be comfortable, and they should make you look your absolute best.
Do you think that we should try harder to find that special pair?

Kale, a Cash Crop?

It’s a funny thing, kale. When I was a girl on a Virginia horse farm, we had a garden. There was one vegetable that would grow in any season and no one wanted to eat…kale. Now, I must buy 5 leaves of organic kale in my grocery store and must pay dearly for it.
Think I’ll toss all my skills and ideas and… just grow kale.

A Knitted Dress

The Vance Kirkland Museum of Decorative Arts is a Denver gem. I’ve lived here twenty years and had never heard of it. On Valentine’s week-end, I saw the interior.
This dress is one example of what a visitor can see among all the exhibits. I looked and then looked again at this dress creation. I won’t forget it.

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