World Class Things

“Only through focus can you do world class things, no matter how capable you are.” Bill Gates
This is a daily inspiration to me. Is there anyone who doesn’t lose focus?IMG_4140

The Way We Do...

“The way we do anything is the way we do everything.” Martha Beck
This explanation appears to be true. Do we put enough time and effort into our days to be proud of our accomplishments? Do we truly show up in our lives and become good at many or even one ability? Are we givers or passive takers? As with everything else, it is our choice to make.

Birthdays or Gratitude?

Birthdays, when you’re older mean at least as much as they did when you were younger. Young people either look forward to an age or dread it because they are giving up a life stage or their youthful good looks.
And when you’re older, you’re more appreciative that you’re alive and can appreciate what you know, family and friends, and all that you can still anticipate and experience. Sometimes, birthdays come with a tinge of regret that a friend or family member was not able to experience more in their lives.
Bottom line…step it up…birthdays are to be celebrated – in warm and caring ways.

Celebrate the Moments of Your Life

“If you miss the moments of your life, you miss your life.” Mrs. Ellwood, my mentor
If I believe in anything, I believe in effort – to step up and be your best self. It’s not easy to do and we generally don’t accomplish it, but we should surely try.
Celebrations in my lexicon mean births, birthdays, promotions, awards, fetes of continuous work that are complete, anniversaries, and celebrations of the life of a loved one. We must step up, show up and bring our personalities. Come and go to everything. If not, are we truly living our lives?

Adult Friendship

All new research speaks to the need for spending hours every day with others for both happiness and mental alertness.
And yet, friendship is not an easy matter and true friends are rare. It takes openness and effort (sometimes hard to come by in adults). Some people get stuck in an immature model and never become an empathic person who can go through the deep with a friend.
We have to be a friend to have friends, plain and simple. This is a worthy goal to achieve in one’s lifetime.

Wasting Daylight

I keep being reminded that we’re wasting daylight. By that I mean, to live fully we need to partake of what is all around us, but maybe we’re not noticing it. Effort and execution are required, and the rewards are rich. Just glanced in the newspaper this week-end, found tickets to a play, had lunch at a bistro, and the day was grand.
Then, read about a community initiative meeting; I attended and came back with info and three new friends.
We must get out and be a part of events… and take our personalities with us.

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