If It's There, Go See It

“Be the eyewitness of all you see.
Don’t miss a thing.
Then take good care of yourself.
You are the world’s pantry; its reading room; its treasure cave.”   Veronique Vienne

at Fort Laramie, Wyoming museum

Youth Travels

” It is not going to be a success only journey.” Dr. Phil
It seems to me that because young people can expect a long healthy life, they allow themselves to dabble and try careers and experiences that truly interest them. Sometimes, for one reason or another, they move to a new venture. What is valuable is that they gave it a go and won’t spend a lifetime wishing they had at least tried.
Often, as well, this attempt becomes who they are and they find that, no matter what, the venture will continue.

Nature's Benefits

“The things one wants the most are not things after all.” Veronique Vienne
I’ve often said that if we don’t help our children experience and love nature, they won’t value it enough to protect it.

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