Telling Our Stories

“But perhaps the most profound of the tools we have at our disposal is the simple act of telling our stories to other human travelers – in a circle around a fire, at the back fence with a neighbor, or at a kitchen table with family and friends.” Elizabeth Lesser
Let’s look for this happening in our world. Do we see people together relaxed, laughing, or listening intently to each other?

What To Do Everyday...

” What will matter is the good we did, not the good we expected others to do.” Elizabeth Lesser

I saw these fall leaves in Vancouver, BC, and envisioned them as worthy acts to accomplish in my lifetime.

I think I’d better step up the pace.

Some Of the Richest Times

When a marvelous dinner has been prepared, the table set, and loved ones are present, the choice nugget is the after dinner conversation.
It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it goes like this. No one is shoveling food in his mouth and no one rushes off to do the dishes; instead, people settle back in their chairs and talk, tell stories, listen to each other, and enjoy the humor that emerges. It is utter downtime and likely to be the only part of the dinner that is truly remembered.

Put Down That Phone

Conversations build relationships, plain and simple.
There’s real eye contact, body language and kindness as news is discussed. At the end of the exchange, we all feel rich. That’s my kind of wealth.

Get The Photo...Now!

All the times of our lives come once, get the picture. We think things will roll around again and again, they won’t. When the group is together, be the one to assemble the shot, check it, and get it right.
That time won’t come again because time rolls on.

What Goes With What?

Natural pairings shouldn’t be ignored. On a hot summer day in Richmond, Virginia, we wanted some excellent, brewed ice tea (with lemon).
Let’s try a pie shoppe, and … sure enough!


“The lover of life makes the whole world into his family.”
Charles Baudelaire, “The Painter of Modern Life”


I’m back after a trip where I saw family and friends and – strangers – warm and interesting strangers. These people were from everywhere and were making new plans for spring. Their eyes lit up with joy.
Nature is wise!

Challenges As We Age

Chemical/ software engineering is not difficult. Handling the bills, lawn,and  family members is easy, relatively speaking. Putting plump baby feet into velcro sandals without leaving out a baby toe, now that’s too hard for me! Good thing he’s a patient baby.

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