The Perfect Pair of Shoes

What is it about shoes that is so much fun? Maybe it’s simply the quest for the perfect pair. The perfect pair can change your life, if you have an imagination and some spunk. They must be unique to you, you must wear them with aplomb, they must be comfortable, and they should make you look your absolute best.
Do you think that we should try harder to find that special pair?

A Knitted Dress

The Vance Kirkland Museum of Decorative Arts is a Denver gem. I’ve lived here twenty years and had never heard of it. On Valentine’s week-end, I saw the interior.
This dress is one example of what a visitor can see among all the exhibits. I looked and then looked again at this dress creation. I won’t forget it.


Let the mind wander and make a colorful mess Р for if you do, a creative idea can emerge.

A Skirt Made Of Scarves


“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.” F.W. Nietzsche

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