Some children love the tradition of family, especially family dinners where all the adults and the children sit together. They like when each has his spot and food preferences that are recognized. If the table setting looks new and different, all the better. Children grow and these are some of the important memories they establish and take into the future.

Can’t We Just Remember To Enjoy Mealtime?

“First we eat, then we do everything else.” M.F.K. Fisher
We can do it. Mealtime can return to delicious family time together. Someone in the group has to take a stand and wrestle mealtime back into a pleasurable activity. The children are watching to see how it’s done.

Are You Looking?

“Yes, life moves pretty fast, If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you’ll miss it.” overheard
If you don’t find yourself gently looking at the sights around you and zeroing in on particularly interesting ones, you’re missing out…plain and simple.
Happy day!

Being Industrious, in Denver

Active, competent young people are simply a joy. I passed this fellow in LoDo on Valentine’s Day. As usual, I stopped to chat and he said that he was interviewed on TV during the Super Bowl and he had the video on his phone to prove it.
Because my husband and I stood and looked like customers, real customers came up to buy some food. Hope he’s there the next time I’m downtown and hungry.

A Simple Skill, Oh So Important

Pure cooking is a skill . Eating well with fresh ingredients, cooking knowledge, and a good list of delicious dishes we can prepare is a skill. Simplicity.
Children acquainted with all manner of food, prepared well, are the lucky ones.
Eating isn’t optional. It can be a pleasure to share with others. Purely simple.
Osteria Marco, Denver, Colorado

A Fun Possibility

What if…what if all your favorite people happened by this table and were invited to stay for a laugh, some food and drink? Wouldn’t that just be grand? Even better, what if these people included all your far off friends or those who are now gone to another place? Sprinkle the jokesters and storytellers all around for best effect. Wouldn’t it truly be grand?

Languages of Music and Food

“For humanity, the two most universal languages are music and cuisine.
Either you eat or you die, no?” Chef Ferran Adria’
Are you making music…or playing it?
Are you creating food, or eating with pleasure?

Sharing Our Lives

“Each time we disclose a truth about ourselves – anything from our favorite color to our deepest feelings – we remove a layer.” Martha Beck

When we lived in Pittsburgh, PA and would ask our new German friends to join us at a restaurant,

I could see the disappointment in their expressions. I came to realize that they

thought one can’t know another very well if we don’t share our homes,

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 our food and our personal interests.

So now I clean up, cook some food,Image and invite.

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