The Children Were Here

This shoppe on Gaylord Street in Denver is near one of my favorite restaurants, Wash Park Grill. I love to walk by it because everything inside and displayed in the windows is colorful and unique.
The children’s drawings demonstrate that an environment of freedom of creativity is fostered by the owners. I imagine that no one told the kids what to do, the drawings came from their hearts. And, the art was made by hand, outside!

I Want To Be A Twisted Sister

You can feel it. Your body begins to surprise you with inflexibility and lack of freedom. It’s time to aim for a lighter, more lithe soma. Cute yoga attire shopping is in order. What could be better?

Freedom, With You

“There is nothing more precious than freedom…if you can be free with someone at your side.” from film, Tasting Menu 2013
Maybe this sentiment is the key to relationships that last.

Nation's Birthday

In watching national news over time, I appreciate being an American and wonder how we came to be so lucky as to be born here. The world is complex and rife with trouble, but generally, our systems keep the lid on so that we can work hard and prosper – if we’re given a little luck along the way. Success for the many makes life for all of us better. Happy 4th of July.

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