Birthdays or Gratitude?

Birthdays, when you’re older mean at least as much as they did when you were younger. Young people either look forward to an age or dread it because they are giving up a life stage or their youthful good looks.
And when you’re older, you’re more appreciative that you’re alive and can appreciate what you know, family and friends, and all that you can still anticipate and experience. Sometimes, birthdays come with a tinge of regret that a friend or family member was not able to experience more in their lives.
Bottom line…step it up…birthdays are to be celebrated – in warm and caring ways.

A Fun Possibility

What if…what if all your favorite people happened by this table and were invited to stay for a laugh, some food and drink? Wouldn’t that just be grand? Even better, what if these people included all your far off friends or those who are now gone to another place? Sprinkle the jokesters and storytellers all around for best effect. Wouldn’t it truly be grand?

Wasting Daylight

I keep being reminded that we’re wasting daylight. By that I mean, to live fully we need to partake of what is all around us, but maybe we’re not noticing it. Effort and execution are required, and the rewards are rich. Just glanced in the newspaper this week-end, found tickets to a play, had lunch at a bistro, and the day was grand.
Then, read about a community initiative meeting; I attended and came back with info and three new friends.
We must get out and be a part of events… and take our personalities with us.

How Old Do You Feel?

How old would you be if you didn’t know your age?
It probably depends on the day and the company you keep, but what does your inner compass say?

Would you like to feel older or younger? What would it take to do so and why would would you want the change?


Whatever you do, “do not be a pooper of parties.” Crook
As you go through your day, bring your personality with you.

If I Were There

“Life goes on, but strong impressions never fade away.” Veronique Vienne
Sometimes we stop in our walks to gaze at a spot that is just right for who we are. Our soul tells us that our best life could happen in this environment. Our soul knows…


“The lover of life makes the whole world into his family.”
Charles Baudelaire, “The Painter of Modern Life”


I’m back after a trip where I saw family and friends and – strangers – warm and interesting strangers. These people were from everywhere and were making new plans for spring. Their eyes lit up with joy.
Nature is wise!

Pitfalls of Conversation

Konrad Lorenz on the hazards of conversation:

“Said is not heard, heard is not understood, understood is not agreed to, agreed to is not carried out.” That comment is so true, day in, day out.Image

Intergenerational Friends

Make friends with all ages. Don’t assume you have nothing in common. There’s art, love of children, dogs, French pastry, Rock music, authors, politics, universities, sports, technology, gardening, cities, humor…the list goes on. Similar interests and experiences abound.Image

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