Living Life and Writing Chapters

It seems to me that the best way to live one’s life is to think of heuristic chapters. Babyhood, childhood, school, college, partnering, careers, and all that happens subsequent to that. Life is long – and full – if we keep engaging fully. At the end, our life’s “book” should be fun to read, and maybe even inspiring.

Put Down That Phone

Conversations build relationships, plain and simple.
There’s real eye contact, body language and kindness as news is discussed. At the end of the exchange, we all feel rich. That’s my kind of wealth.

TODAY, And Tomorrow

“Just don’t worry about day-to-day. Live life to the fullest every day.The sun’s going to come out – always does.”

Lee Iacocca related his father’s motto
And so, time to buy flowers.

King of Hearts

“King of Hearts idly playing a game of people.” Storypeople
The perspective changes it all.


Whatever you do, “do not be a pooper of parties.” Crook
As you go through your day, bring your personality with you.

A Different Type of Friend

This tree is like a kind and generous friend. It has seen many happy times!

We Think We Don’t, But We Do

One reason that I feel vibrant at this age is because I believe we have choices. Limited thinking is self imposed. Our choices include having the bravery for new relationships, travel, work status, brain food, real food, exercise, music, rest…you name it. If we’re feeling stuck, it’s time to re-examine and make a new choice.

We can get out and notice the world, then adopt some newness in our lives. Choices, like words, belong to those who pluck the best ones.IMG_1369

Beliefs, Not Facts


“We have been taught to believe that negative equals realistic and positive equals unrealistic. Negative beliefs are exactly that: beliefs, not facts.”

Susan Jeffers

And looking for how circumstances are wrong and unalterable can ruin a perfectly fine life.


“It is a well known fact in scientific circles that most of us are likely to see only what we expect to see, regardless of what is actually before us.” V. VIenne
A clothes line? A colorful barrier? A tie dye class?
No, it’s a children’s maze at a local festival and soon after taking this shot, children were laughing and running with joy.

Clueless People

“One of the advantages of growing up is that no one tells you anymore that you’re too smart for your own good.”
That’s true.

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