Youth Travels

” It is not going to be a success only journey.” Dr. Phil
It seems to me that because young people can expect a long healthy life, they allow themselves to dabble and try careers and experiences that truly interest them. Sometimes, for one reason or another, they move to a new venture. What is valuable is that they gave it a go and won’t spend a lifetime wishing they had at least tried.
Often, as well, this attempt becomes who they are and they find that, no matter what, the venture will continue.

Life Requires a White Board

As people’s thoughts swirl about in conversation or the media, don’t you sometimes wish you could track them on a white board? Write them clearly, determine the bias, the expected outcomes and who would benefit. Then, who would be the loser in the deal? Is it fair? Is it benevolent or mean spirited? Would the future be better if it happened?
Lay it out in black and white for all to see.
I’m off for awhile to see family in the east. For sure, I’ll be getting photo shots and observing people while there. More later…

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