Special Moments in Childhood

Some moments in life are hard earned and take place with special new friends. Earning a blue ribbon for serious art work is just one example. Most days are not memorable, but some truly are.

The Precious Years

“Charm doesn’t fade, wit doesn’t age, and knowledge is still priceless. If we live well, every year we become a year’s worth better, smarter, and more fun.” Molly Ivins
Children remember these special times – really, they only remember the special times.

A Short Break

Well, it’s time for my husband and I to go on a trip and see my son, his wife, and their 2 year old birthday boy. We’re all lucky enough to spend time with the other grand-parents, as well.
I never met one grandmother or grandfather and my one livingIMG_1105 grandfather knew us only as Billy’s girls. So, I take being a grandparent seriously and want to go to the party .
After that event, I’ll be spending time with girlfriends and catching up on all our lives.
It’s just possible that I’ll have my camera along and will try to stir up some stories…to write about. See ya later.


IMG_1016“Don’t take things so seriously…remember…’The laughter of the gods.’ The gods already know that life is a cosmic joke, an experience, an adventure, and a party of discovery.”

from, Say Yes To Change

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