“I believe that it is difficult to kill an idea because ideas are invisible and contagious, and they move fast. Ideas spring up where you do not expect them, like weeds, and are as difficult to control. I believe that repressing ideas spreads ideas.” Neil Gaiman
And so, our job is to allow time and space for our own ideas to germinate and grow.

Pay Very Close Attention To What You Love

Take the time to note what you adore seeing, tasting, hearing, touching, smelling and experiencing. Some of these should be incorporated into your every day – or you’re wasting your daytimes. Sometimes we simply forget our pleasures and need a journal for writing them down. What a glorious journal that should be.

A Journal Can Guide Your Day

Choose a notebook. Decide its format.
Record your day. Food. Exercise. And, most important, what you did to enhance the quality of your day.
Call a friend.
Start a painting, etc.
Learn a new skill.
Help a neighbor or relative.
Travel to a new spot.
Talk to a stranger who becomes a friend.
Record it, reflect, and enjoy.

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