Take yourself To Lunch

The plain fact is people are busy and consumed with their own thoughts – so worrying about them is a waste of time.
Dress up, go out to your favorite destination, take it all in, and treat yourself to lunch. Order exactly what you want and wine, too – if you please.

Do exactly what you want to do and enjoy. Good for you!

Yelling - It's Not What It's Cracked Up To Be

Yelling is for the uninformed young – who don’t know any better. You usually hear it when people are frustrated and at a loss for words. It wears you out, shakes you up and ruins the atmosphere for days. Communication zooms right out the window.
As a high school teacher, I never yelled. I wanted to, but knew that quiet, solid, composure would work better.
At this age, I need to save my energy for smiling.

“When you do something from your soul, you feel a river running in you, a joy. Yet so often we resist the pull of the river. We tune out the call of the soul.” Elizabeth Lesser

We must remember what bestows us with an alive feeling – and do it every chance we can.
Music, writing, running, singing, cooking, exercise, flying…your soul knows.

Photographer of photo

A Suggestion

In that journal I spoke of earlier, there is the section for a robust life experience.
Great restaurants on the other side of town have afternoon hours and desserts. Stop in, try a coffee and a desert, and peek at the menu. That way you’ll feel comfortable going back someday.

A Journal Can Guide Your Day

Choose a notebook. Decide its format.
Record your day. Food. Exercise. And, most important, what you did to enhance the quality of your day.
Call a friend.
Start a painting, etc.
Learn a new skill.
Help a neighbor or relative.
Travel to a new spot.
Talk to a stranger who becomes a friend.
Record it, reflect, and enjoy.

Summer Is Coming

Plan a little and then make a memory happen.
Think about a spot that entices, find out out how to get there, and then…nail it down. The anticipation alone will make your day!

Life Thinking

“What is your mood in real time? How satisfied are you with your life when you think about it?  – They’re not the same.” Daniel Kahneman, author of Thinking Fast and Slow

Using some imagination and mental energy, how can today be made memorable?


“It is a well known fact in scientific circles that most of us are likely to see only what we expect to see, regardless of what is actually before us.” V. VIenne
A clothes line? A colorful barrier? A tie dye class?
No, it’s a children’s maze at a local festival and soon after taking this shot, children were laughing and running with joy.

If I Were There

“Life goes on, but strong impressions never fade away.” Veronique Vienne
Sometimes we stop in our walks to gaze at a spot that is just right for who we are. Our soul tells us that our best life could happen in this environment. Our soul knows…

Feed The Brain

What makes your brain sing with joy? Feed it. Give your brain visual beauty or strikingly original music. Challenge it with the best conversation available (and earn the right to be there). Master a new dinner menu. Create with your hands and developing skills. Seek the humor and relish the laughs. Pursue the sports that amaze you. Spend the funds to travel for it will change you. Do it.


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