Do The Kind Thing

“Distance doesn’t separate people, silence does.” unknown
We’re all busy, but our lives would be better if we didn’t allow that to be an excuse. In our gut, we know what we should do to let a person know that we’re thinking about them. The gesture, message, phone call, visit doesn’t take as long as we project, so we should act.

The Art of Conversation

“A good conversation is more like a hacky-sack than a game of tennis – the objective is to keep the ball in the air, not to defeat the opponent. At its best, such conversation gets deeper and richer the longer it can be sustained.” Vicki Robin

Little Old Lady

“Well, I feel I’ve become a little old lady in some respects. In public, I’ll be going about and doing things and I look up to see older people looking and smiling…kindly. What the hell is that about?”

a text I sent to my sister last year

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