“Was there ever a thing as pure memory? I doubt it. Even when we convince ourselves that we’re being dispassionate, sticking to the bald facts with no self-serving decorations or omissions, pure memory remains as elusive as a bar of wet soap. Or it does me, after a lifetime of blending experience with imagination.” John Le Carre
Thanksgiving family gatherings can provide the truth of this idea.

Some Of the Richest Times

When a marvelous dinner has been prepared, the table set, and loved ones are present, the choice nugget is the after dinner conversation.
It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it goes like this. No one is shoveling food in his mouth and no one rushes off to do the dishes; instead, people settle back in their chairs and talk, tell stories, listen to each other, and enjoy the humor that emerges. It is utter downtime and likely to be the only part of the dinner that is truly remembered.

Handwritten Message

*grounds one’s thoughts
*helps with word choice precision
*spelling matters
*hand co-ordination is noticed
*heart felt language
*when folks are gone, handwritten notes are precious

Summer Is Coming

Plan a little and then make a memory happen.
Think about a spot that entices, find out out how to get there, and then…nail it down. The anticipation alone will make your day!

Exceptional Attire

Ladies and gentlemen, do you remember clothes whose texture, fit, colors, and style are ingrained in your memories? These clothes fit your life circumstance at the time and served their purpose well. Aren’t these memories grand?100_3214

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