Smiles Are...Money

Look around you, who is smiling? From my experience, not too many people have thought to truly smile. Part of being an adult is knowing the power that a smile has on our environment, no matter what we are currently going through. Children look for smiles, families want to see it and the world is simply better if we have the courage to smile.

Ingenious Shopping Technique

You’re shopping and you find an item you absolutely love and covet with all your heart. Then, you check the price and compare it to your budget and you get that feeling – you know the feeling. Well, pull out your phone and take pictures and then, you “have it”. You don’t have to pay for it, but you can show it around, dream about it, and maybe even save for it.
Your photo is yours to keep – free.

It's Not a Box Store

For many of us, it is sheer joy to happen upon a store that sells exactly what we’d love to look at and own. When this happens, our personality and that of the store owner are on the same wave length. These unique shop owners could sure use our support.
“Ask for what you want and be prepared to get it. ” Maya Angelou

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