World Class Things

“Only through focus can you do world class things, no matter how capable you are.” Bill Gates
This is a daily inspiration to me. Is there anyone who doesn’t lose focus?IMG_4140

What Are You Thinking About?

We walk around, it’s in our mind…everyday.
“Never give up on something that you can’t stop thinking about.” Huff Post

It's A Funny Thing About Passion

My friend quietly said that most people don’t appear to have a passion. I thought about that statement and feel that people don’t develop a passion because they are not given a chance to try enough different activities. By trying I mean multiple attempts to engage with the endeavor and have some success.
Scott Adams of Dilbert fame says “success creates passion more than passion creates success”. Think about that for awhile and you may just agree.

Minimalism, The Opposite of Interesting

“What is the least I can do and still …?” Matthew Kelly
The minimalist wants the reward of a certain toil, but does not want to toil. Minimalism is born from a lack of passion for the things we do.
Think of your best colleagues, they are not the minimalists. The excellent ones are nurturing every aspect of the human spirit.

What Do you Love?

What exactly is your passion? If you don’t know, you’d better find out. How much time have you put into discovering your current, true likes and dislikes?
They change, you know. We must add a “like” for every one we toss away. Give something a try and keep toiling until something happens.
Time is truly wasting, and we know how we feel about that.

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