Having Grace

Grace is all around us for the taking, but we often let it drift away-unused.
Grace can alleviate problematic scenarios and literally freshen the air.
Caroline Myss said, “When you get mad and want to say _ and something inside you says, ‘Do you really want to go there?’ that’s grace.”

I Don’t Know What To Do

It’s something we learn – what to do when someone dies. The answer is, do something tangible. Bring tasty food, a special photo, write a heartfelt note of memories or show up to actually help in whatever way is needed. These kindnesses are always remembered and they honor the one who is gone.
“Yes, the world is changed, dear heart, but do not be afraid. You are loved, you are loved. You will not disappear. I will remember.”Kate Bowler

You’re Judged By What You Do Best

“Do what only you can do”. This is such a simple idea, yet it often eludes us when we see what others are engaged in. Try to back up, gain perspective and purposely move forward with a clarified goal.
(painter is Jesi Pace-Berkeley)


“None of us is finished. We all have some ingrown place with potential growth. One of the most devastating and damaging things that can happen to anyone is to fail to fulfill potential. A kind of gnawing emptiness, longing, frustration, and anger takes over when this occurs.” E. T. Hall, Anthropologist

The Rigors Of Growth

“Behind every cloud the sun is shining.” Leo Basaglia

Life is not for the faint of heart, or the dramatic, for that matter. We all get a little of this and a little of that to deal with.

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