“Was there ever a thing as pure memory? I doubt it. Even when we convince ourselves that we’re being dispassionate, sticking to the bald facts with no self-serving decorations or omissions, pure memory remains as elusive as a bar of wet soap. Or it does me, after a lifetime of blending experience with imagination.” John Le Carre
Thanksgiving family gatherings can provide the truth of this idea.

Freedom, With You

“There is nothing more precious than freedom…if you can be free with someone at your side.” from film, Tasting Menu 2013
Maybe this sentiment is the key to relationships that last.

Ask Five Times

100_3344“No, is just the beginning of the conversation.” People listen the first time we speak about a topic or ask for something. They think we’ll forget or go away discouraged. Rethink the reasons and ask again. Every time our thoughtful idea is mentioned with new support the evidence becomes stronger or the relationship bond becomes more important.

Five times I say, is magic.

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