It's A Funny Thing About Passion

My friend quietly said that most people don’t appear to have a passion. I thought about that statement and feel that people don’t develop a passion because they are not given a chance to try enough different activities. By trying I mean multiple attempts to engage with the endeavor and have some success.
Scott Adams of Dilbert fame says “success creates passion more than passion creates success”. Think about that for awhile and you may just agree.

Life Is Like An Old Wagon Wheel

Sometimes events indicate that the wheel spokes are pointed up. Other times, the spokes begin a downward trajectory. We can rest assured that once the spokes have hit bottom, and a new plan is formed and executed, the spokes will be on an upward turn once again.
This is simply how it rolls.

A Life, Not A Living

I’ve been reading much lately about how to live…to the best of our abilities. Aiming for “success” isn’t the important notion in and of itself.
As we climb the mountain of success and, earn some, we see the mountain widening and growing higher, with new obstacles. There really is no “spot” that we’re after.
Seems we’re supposed to enjoy the work and the people who show up in our paths if we’re doing life right. Yes, a purpose, some joy and kindness and connections to other people are what older adults say is what it’s all about.

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