Early Jobs

“The useless days will add up to something…These things are your becoming.” unknown
Early jobs feel like nothing much is happening, but much is when you interact with others. Think of it as trying out your talents, interests and skills. Practice on customers, vendors, owners and your friends whom you convince to come by. It’s hard to forget our early jobs. They made us.

Your Own Story
“Create your own story. Never let others create it for you.” Kim Hohman We know our talents and we know how to use them. We know how we want our lives to unfold. Our loyalties are unique. What we admire is known only to us. Play your cards and play them well.

There’s much to say about discovering your talents and one way is to listen to what others dsay about you. Your talents are what others see in you even if you take them for granted. And, over time and a change in circumstances, talents evolve and morph in new directions.
If what you do most of the time does not give you energy, maybe you’re not using your true talents.

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