“If you can’t live up to your expectations, lower them.” unknown older
This quote may sound odd, but our expectations often stop us from enjoying our lives. Career opportunities are cast aside that could lead to new fascinating experiences. Excursions aren’t taken because they are less than desired and people are over-looked who could be treasures to know.
Expectations can hold us back. Instead, take it as it comes – with eyes wide open.

Where Do You Hang Your Hat?

Over the course of a lifetime, where you hang your hat is a pertinent question that must be answered. Life stages often dictate a need to be in one location or another. The heart pulls and these longings shouldn’t be resisted – that’s probably your soul speaking to you. Ignoring a desire to live in a place can often result in a heartache and that’s regrettable.
At the very least we should travel and visit where the heart wants to go.

Short Term Endeavors

At a certain age, we have to know that we’re making short term decisions – and that’s ok. We know that a trip to a new city is it – enjoy and take a picture. Tutoring a young parent new to this county can result in a one time ESL tutoring session where we practice how to ask for a second job. He secured the job, I wish him well – and I’ll never forget him.
Short term events are often very rewarding.

If It's There, Go See It

“Be the eyewitness of all you see.
Don’t miss a thing.
Then take good care of yourself.
You are the world’s pantry; its reading room; its treasure cave.”   Veronique Vienne

at Fort Laramie, Wyoming museum

Bear Country in South Dakota

Does your life include seeing the sites in America? Once we realize that the national parks are chosen because they’re so beautiful, it makes seeing them an imperative.
They take my breath away.

Virginia Statesmen

ImageEven though I was born in Virginia, it takes maturity and interest to respect the history that happened there so long ago.
I am reminded of a quote, “If you don’t do for other people in your life, you won’t leave much of a legacy.” One wonders what legacy we will leave…

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