Conversational Finesse

Even with the best of conversational intentions, you can feel the misstep. The trust is tenuous, but growing, and then it happens. Too much is asked and the conversation narrows.
“Note to world: curiosity killed the chat.” Philip Galanes

Highly Political Workplace?

Some places we work are laid back.
Most employment situations are highly political; it’s the nature of humans. We have to understand that everyone wants to do a job that is recognized by their peers and the higher ups. To win this life game, it’s best to convince everyone that you are their ally. Every single person. This can’t be faked, so it’s important to work where you fit into the vision of a good service, idea…you see where this is going.

Adult Friendship

All new research speaks to the need for spending hours every day with others for both happiness and mental alertness.
And yet, friendship is not an easy matter and true friends are rare. It takes openness and effort (sometimes hard to come by in adults). Some people get stuck in an immature model and never become an empathic person who can go through the deep with a friend.
We have to be a friend to have friends, plain and simple. This is a worthy goal to achieve in one’s lifetime.

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