Let Your Life Speak

“Our goal in life is rather simple: coherency. A coherent life is one lived in such a way that you can clearly connect the dots between these three things:
Who you are
What you believe
What you are doing”
Designing Your Life, Burnett and Evans
Actually, to be this authentic is a tall order, but one that is worthy of our efforts.

Don't You Just Long For Conversation?

My idea of bliss is a table full of interesting people who show up with their interests and knowledge in tow. They are grateful to be included and look forward to the food and good times. Everyone seeks to learn about the hopes and dreams of everyone else. Then, there is a chance for an intimate, memorable conversations.

What Are We FOR?

“What counts now is not just what we are against, but what are we for. Who leads us is less important than what leads us – what convictions, what courage, what faith -win or lose.” Adlai E. Stevenson
As I listen to people complain, I often wonder, but what are you actually FOR?

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